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First Programming Class (Turbo Pascal)

So somewhere in High School I remember having a computer class where we were taught basic programming in TurboPascal. Having perfected (in my mind) my programming skills during the Tri-Peak project I sailed through the exercises rather quickly and had a bunch of extra time during class. One day, after finishing my assignment for fun I decided to write a program that would automatically generate the name song, “Mary Bary Bo Bary, Banana Fana Fo Farry, Me My Mo Mary. Mary!” I remember it being a little tricky to strip off all the consonants until I got a vowel. My friend Chuck was sitting next to me watching my progress and he conveniently had 2 consonants at the beginning of his name. Unfortunately I used his name as a test case right when the teacher was walking by which got me in a bit of hot water – Chuck Chuck Bo Buck …. well you get the idea.